Patterns in Nature

Patterns in Nature

These jigsaw puzzles will delight everyone who enjoys playing computer puzzle games and appreciates the wonders of the natural world. Most certainly, this is a jigsaw puzzle collection for puzzle lovers, young and old.

Patterns always present special challenges to jigsaw puzzle assembly; so many of a puzzle's pieces share visual similarities. The patterns which appear in nature are more stunning and varied than any created by humans. This spectacular collection of 60 photographs (200+ puzzles) will waken your appreciation of nature and stir your curiosity. What's the pattern behind a seashell's spiral? Is there order in sand dunes? Patterns in Nature will tickle the fancy of anyone who has picked up a leaf and brought it home for further study . . . or stared at a zebra's stripes and wondered who painted them on! Countless hours of enjoyable puzzle play!

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